6 Plugins To Help With WordPress Administration

Once you’ve got the hang of using the WordPress administrator dashboard for doing most tasks you’re going to change or expand that functionality. There are an astonishing number of plugins available that can take care of much of the dirty work of administering your site directly from the same interface you already use. We’ll take a look at some plugins that extend the functionality of the administration panel in WordPress to save you some work and simplify some of your responsibilities. Keeping administrative stuff in hand is one of the better ways to make sure that you have enough time to keep creative stuff flowing out of it. Continue reading

5 Things To Consider When Choosing a Host For WordPress

One of the most important aspects of establishing your very own WordPress installation is the ‘where’ part of that question. Unless you’re lucky enough to have some server class machines hanging around your house connected to a dedicated and blazing fast connection, it’s going to be a decision you’ll need to make. Here are five things you may want to consider to help you make your decision. Continue reading

Free PSD Friday: Freedom

(Download this PSD)

This Friday’s PSD features a silhouette that is famous around the world and has done a fair amount of traveling herself. This one is both dark and bold with a brilliant crimson backdrop gently offset with a gradiated background to enhance the legibility of text and make the exposed portions of the graphic blaze in deep contrast. It is yours for the downloading — so, what have you done for freedom lately?