Free PSD Friday: Horses

(Download this PSD)
Horses is a Southwestern theme that relies on a palette of pink and blue to convey the beauty of the region and is framed by subtle accents that add detail rather than distraction. While the image of horses moving across the plains in the light of a brilliant sunset is beautiful it also leaves the focus of the viewer’s eye on the text and photos in the posts and features a tabbed interface for the top menu elements. 

Ten Plugins For Adding Multimedia Content To Your Blog

WordPress is used not only as a vehicle for transferring many words but also as the delivery system for all kinds of other content. Blogging no longer operates within the confines of a text-based medium and many people are hard at work trying to make the inclusion of other mediums as simple as possible. Even if you’ve primarily thought of your WordPress blog as text oriented the ease and ability of some of the plugins highlighted here may make you reconsider that. We’ll look at a handful that do wonderful things with images, video, and other types of content. These are great for taking your blog in an entirely new direction or just for experimenting with new ideas. Continue reading