Free PSD Friday: Dark Ocean

Dark Ocean Preview
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Dark Ocean is a exercise in aquatic colors with a darker and more Stygian tone overall to produce a more serious composition of color and contrast. Highlights are generally more subtle but there are also large and colorful buttons for Favorites inclusion and to invite readers to subscribe to your feeds. Working with dark tones to produce a pleasing result is always challenging so download this PSD and see what you’re capable of.  

Free PSD Friday: Coffee

Coffee Preview
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All hail the bean for helping us get through those brutal mornings and late nights! If your life is based on coffee (or at least around it) then Coffee is the theme for you. Rich browns and red accents pay tribute to the magical beverage that keeps us awake and sane. Brew up some of that beautiful black gold and get to work making this PSD into a theme of your own.  

Free PSD Friday: Bowling

Bowling Preview
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Whether you’re keeping track of your league standings or just a fan of the sport that wants to promote it, Bowling is the theme for those of us who rent shoes and pray for strikes. The color scheme involving metallic hues and brown gradients is a darker theme with white bowling pin and text accents to add contrast. Two columns of clean simplicity that are available for your download and experimentation.