Free PSD Friday: Mountain

Mountain Preview
(Download this PSD)
Blogging might not require the bird’s eye view from the top of the world but it sure creates a beautiful interface. Mountain uses a largely blue palette to join the natural images of sky in the header and footer images. Your content cuts a section from the misty mountain top and makes it your own. This one is a two column design that includes the calendar as well as the expected elements.  

Free PSD Friday: Life

Life Preview
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Green gradients, large gold buttons and vector art, and a high contrast area for content are some of the features that Life boasts. The arrangement is simple enough to afford experimenters the opportunity to tinker with their own ideas but the default is attractive enough to lure many into using this as it is. You can grab a copy and decide for yourself which direction you’d like to take your Life in.  

Free PSD Friday: Junga

Junga Preview
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Green and black are the colors that dominate the jungle and this rule is not excepted by the Junga PSD. While the actual jungle is dense, Junga is more spare and affords plenty of room for customization in its two column enclosure. There are tabs at the top for linking to any of your static pages, photo galleries, or other pages that are typically less visible when managing a site with WordPress. Click the link above to download your own copy of Junga and get started hacking your own path through the jungle.  

Free PSD Friday: Hockey

Hockey Preview
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Hockey relies on the grey and white of ice to convey the medium it is played on and the red accents representing either the contrasting colors of uniforms or the story of how all of those teeth came up missing. The header graphic is easily replaced with one that represents your favorite team and the clean two column layout provides ample space to try out your own ideas on the ice.