Purchase A WordPress Theme

When you buy a Custom WordPress Theme from Themey.com you receive the following:

  • Fully coded, standards compliant WordPress theme designed to your specification
  • Photoshop PSD
  • Any other files relevant to your theme

The theme will be removed from our servers and is yours to do with as you please. The cost of a theme varies with the complexity, although most bloggers are pleasantly surprised by how economical having your own custom theme produced can be.

Having an exclusive, one-off Theme for your blog is a good feeling – you will never come across another blog wearing the same skin as you. Having full rights to the theme also means you are free to resell or distribute the theme as you see fit.

From time to time we have ready made themes available for purchase, however we have found that most people prefer a custom theme designed to their specification. Feel free to contact us with requests – please include as much detail as possible. Information that is useful includes:

  • The URL of your site/blog
  • The URL of any sites that you like the look and feel of – we all have our favorites!
  • Details of what you like about those sites
  • Ideas for colorschemes – what is your favorite color?
  • Any ideas you may have for layout – left or right sidebars, number of columns, that kind of thing
  • Any ideas you have for logos etc.

Again, please feel free to contact us -we’re nice people and love to chat all things WordPress :)