Free PSD Friday: Old Ads

Old Ads Preview
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Old Ads blends the ghostly cyan and white of ad copy bluelines with nostalgic images from printed copy of bygone eras for a fresh look. Add some jaunty angles and white text for high contrast readability and you’ve got something that evokes the silver screen and more optimistic times. If you’re looking to sharpen up your CSS skills and need a well stocked workshop to get your creative juices flowing then download a copy of this PSD and get cracking.  

Free PSD Friday: Midnight

Midnight Preview
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Midnight is a dark theme as its name alludes to but like the midnights of poetry or pulp fiction there is more going on within Midnight than first meets the eye. The dark blue of the content areas and containers is broken up with gold highlights from the titles and bullets. There is simplicity masking the hidden undercurrents of vector artwork and smooth gradient backgrounds. There’s nothing new under the moon until you create it. This is a fine place to start honing your CSS skills and forging ahead.  

Free PSD Friday: WP Orange

WP Orange Preview
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WP Orange is a citrus and red toned theme that makes tasteful use of the brighter end of the color spectrum without blinding the reader with gaudiness. While the header graphic starts the layout in vibrant colors a grey gradient kicks in afterward and balances the vibrancy with a soothing neutral. All of the external and static links, in addition to the search box, are positioned in a double row of aligned buttons below the header. It’s a careful balancing act between explosions of color and more staid design sensibilities. Download your copy now.  

Free PSD Friday: White

White Preview
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White is an exercise in graceful and elegant minimalism. It offers a reduced palette of colors and a less-is-more approach to graphic embellishments. It’s a two column theme with a tabbed bar for common external pages positioned in the header. This gives an overall airiness to the page it presents and does nothing to interfere with the presentation of photographs or text. Subtle splashes of color keep White from monotony and unify all of the more subtle parts. Download a copy and you can experiment with adding your own touches.  

Free PSD Friday: Soccer

Soccer Preview
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Whether you’re a fan of an international team, a local team, or the sport in general, Soccer is a great way to accentuate and make apparent that appreciation. The header graphic is customizable to accommodate a photo of your favorite team or their moment of triumph and the space for a photo on each entry affords the same opportunity whether you’d like to highlight the team that you’re posting about or a particular athlete.