Releasing WordPress Themes

When releasing a WordPress theme we promote the theme by submitting it to the following quality theme directories and lists. This list should also be useful for anyone wanting to promote a theme of their own design, so we thought we would share :)

Register and upload themes immediatly to the wordpress site as a zip file. Site automatically creates a thumbnail of the uploaded theme (clever!). It is possible to update themes within the user control panel. This site gets a *massive* amount of traffic and a good theme may be downloaded thousands of times from this site alone.

Once registered it is possible list themes immediatley. Themes must be hosted on your server, and you will need a 640×480 screengrab of your theme for their gallery. From the blogflux member control panel it is simple to update the details of your theme. As the download is hosted on your server there is no need to go and update the listing if the theme is modified providing the filename and path remain the same. Codex

The WordPress codex wiki. WordPress invites users to edit this wiki to include a link to the page that hosts their theme (not a direct download link). Details of any license should also be included here. Sponsored themes must be identified as such.

Weblog Tools Collection. Register and announce themes in the new WordPress themes forum. Sponsored themes must be identified as such.

Create an account, upload themes to their server. Also require an 800×600 jpeg image. No admin panel. Support Forum

The WordPress support forum. WordPress invites users to announce their theme here. Register with the forum and create a new thread with details of your theme, page & download link. As this is a forum the guidelines are less strict, links can be direct to zip file or to the themes page. ***UPDATE*** seem to have suspended submissions, directing users to use codex or themeviewer instead.

Emily Robbins

Comprehensive list of WP themes. Emily invites comments on the post detailing new theme releases. ***UPDATE*** as Emily hasn’t updated her list since July 25 2006, I assume she has abandoned the project.

Other places to get listed:

Further reading: