Five Tips For Making Your WordPress Site More Secure

One of the utmost concerns among those of us running web applications on the web that are always available should be security. Whether or not you have personal data in your blog is immaterial. A compromised site can be used as a jumping off point for many other types of malicious behavior. Very few hackers will overlook a free lunch no matter how insignificant you may feel like your blog might be. An easy target is an easy target and although your site might be obscure, like anything else on the web, that isn’t protection against intrusion. Proactive security is the only thing that will keep your content safe. This becomes especially important if you’re using WordPress for commercial purposes as a hacked site that generates a lot of spam or otherwise hostile activity is going to be delisted from the major search engines and possibly included on spam blacklists. Here a are a few tips for getting started and some plugins that can help ease the burden a little. Continue reading