Changes at the ThemeViewer

Looks like the guys at WordPress have finally got tired of all the bitching that was going on at the ThemeViewer. Today there is a new announcement on the homepage:

A few updates on the site:

  • The test run site has been upgraded to WordPress 2.1.
  • Comments on the test run site has been deleted, and commenting is now closed.
  • The rating system on the main site has been removed – many users noticed that theme authors misused the system to gain more attention to their themes.
  • People who have requested permission to upload, now has uploading rights.
  • In the future, people who sign up for an account will have permission to upload right away.

Regarding all the people who have volounteered to help – thanks a lot. I will get in touch with some of you within the next week, since the site will need moderators to keep down the volume of spam, bitching, theme ripoff’s and duplicate uploads.

Another little change I noticed is the introduction of sitewide ThemeViewer sponsored links. This is kind of ironic for me, as I was getting abused for allowing sponsored links on themes.

I think the changes seem to be for the good, its a shame however that the functionallity of the site has to be compromised to keep a few pests under control. What do you think?


I’m taking a couple of weeks holidays; please note that any new custom or sponsored theme work requests taken from now till the 15th will be delayed. All current requests will be completed as discussed.

Cya all soon :)

Note WordPress Theme Released

Note theme for WordPress is released today. With this theme I have included the text

This theme contains an advertising link to an external site

To try and pacify some of the critics of sponsored WordPress themes. I’m confident that this won’t stop anyone who likes the theme from downloading and using it. You can download the theme here or jump over to the WordPress themeviewer where there is likely to be some discussion going on :)