Hockey WordPress Theme

Hockey WordPress Theme

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Hockey theme for WordPress. Today’s theme is another sports theme. Hockey captures the color and excitement of watching the tough game of ice hockey. Widget enabled right-hand sidebar, works with WordPress 2.1 Ella.

Theme creator: Themey

Download Theme: rarzip

License: Creative Commons. Attribution links in the footer must stay.

3 thoughts on “Hockey WordPress Theme

  1. Hey Samir

    Thanks for your comment. I have actually been thinking of getting some kind of voting system in place for what kind of designs people would like to see… maybe billiards won’t be too far away :)

  2. Hey Themey

    I used this theme for a website. However on ie (7?) the main portion of the page is often shifted to the left. Sometimes a refresh helps to but it back into position. Firefox doesn’t have this problem so I guess it must be a bad implementation of CSS in explorer (7). Do you have a solution for this? I saw the same problem when previewing the theme here at your site with ie7.

    Hope you can help me.

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