Monetizing Your WordPress Blog

I come from a marketing background – originally I fell in love with WordPress because it was so quick and easy to create a WordPress website, just a few clicks in cPanel and fantastico and it is all done for you. Even better, the content writers I employed could get to grips with the WP dashboard easily, and could write straight into the site – the method I employed before WP was to have the writers email me articles and I would manually create pages in Dreamweaver. Thinking about it now, I can’t believe that method used to be profitable!

You’re probably wondering why I am waffling on like this – it can be kind of hard to stop me once I get on a roll :) The reason is that I have been thinking of ways to monetize the kind of traffic a blog like this gets. Everyone is soooo over adsense, it is almost offensive to have a big ad block stuffed in your face and I don’t like to treat my visitors like that. Many webmasters also miss the point that the traffic that adsense takes away from a website often has much more value than the click revenue received.

So, as you can see in my sidebar, I have a couple of inobtrusive adsense adunits (there to fill space more than anything!) along with ads for hosting and text link sales. The sidebar item that gets the most traffic is the mybloglog panel, and that doesn’t earn me a cent, but hey – I like mybloglog (even if it has had a bad rap recently).

So yesterday I came across a great idea for monetizing you blog – kind of like the revenue you get from text link ads, but with the appeal of mybloglog. Sounds good huh? Wanna know what it is? Check out the sidebar again (home page only). The little panel just below the searchbox is AdIcons for WordPress.

I was so impressed that I immediately purchased a lifetime spot on the’s AdIcons. That site is going to be getting a lot of traffic and backlinks as the plugin becomes more popular.

As well as providing great documentation Mengü, the plugins developer, has given some great stats on AdIcons. These little guys are sooo much better than text links as they attract the eye and lead to actual clickthroughs and traffic. Remember to optimize your AdIcon image to catch the eye (maybe an animated gif?) and optimize the alt text as if you were writing an advert for your site as the potential visitor will see this text as they mouse over your image.

In summary, if you have a high traffic or high PR blog and want to make a few bucks from your site in a fun and inoffensive way AdIcons might be just the thing you have been waiting for. Don’t forget to reserve your spot in my AdIcons.

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