Soccer WordPress Theme

Soccer WordPress Theme

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Soccer theme for WordPress. Another theme in our sports pack, Soccer gives you the feeling of being at the big game. Not sure which two teams are playing. Soccer has a widget enabled right-hand sidebar and works with WordPress 2.1 Ella.

Theme creator: Themey

Download Theme: rarzip

License: Creative Commons. Attribution links in the footer must stay.

9 thoughts on “Soccer WordPress Theme

  1. I used to have a Sinclair ZX81! But I had the 64k ram pack so I was a power user!

    I have a non-profit drought relief site at which raises funds for sports clubs.

    I need to design AFL Aussie Rules, Soccer and Rugby themes, so your soccer one is cool.

    Is it possible to keep my existing Kubrick theme for the main site, yet set up your soccer theme at

    Thank you
    Jonathan Crabtree

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  7. I just installed this theme, but the background is white. Then it becomes extremely hard to read the white text. Where do i change the background color?

    I’ve tried checking out the css file, but i have had no luck so far.

    Any help would be appreciated :)

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