Something For Nothing: Part 2

Part 2 of a story that started earlier today; and I have a feeling it might run on for a while.

I published Wood WordPress theme earlier today, with no sponsored links, just one link back to this site in the footer, and was labelled a spammer again. I have also had advertising cancelled because of this problem.

Later I read a comment on Apples theme (number 7) which gave me a good idea. I propose that from now on all themes submitted to the themeviewer that have any kind of links in the footer (be they sponsored, or links back to the authors site) include a standard sentence in the Theme info that gets published along with the theme. Something along the lines of ‘This theme contains advertising links to external sites’. Then there can be no complaints… can there?

I have contacted the themeviewer admins and am waiting for their response.

Additionally, for anyone interested, there are two different business models of publishing themes for profit. The one that I have been using, where sponsored links are inserted directly into the footer of the themes, and then the one where the links in the footer (or sidebar, wherever) just point back to the theme creators site. Advertising is then sold off the theme creators site.

Yours, trying to do the right thing & avoiding flame wars,

Simon Pilkington.

3 thoughts on “Something For Nothing: Part 2

  1. Dude, you make great themes. I think this person is just jealous of your success and is out to get you. People are selling sponsored links for various templates for phpLD and other software on DP, what makes WordPress themes an exception?

    Just go ahead making those great themes, do whatever you want with them and ignore this fella. He does not know what he is talking about. And I want to buy a sponsored link for Wood Theme :)

    - MENJ

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